The Tenant 2021 Full Movie Download (720p)

The Tenant 2021 Full Movie Download (720p)

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The Tenant Cast and Crew

Title Get started
Movie Name The Tenant 
Genre. Drama
Director Sushrut Jain
Writer Sushrut Jain
Star Cast Shamita Shetty,Rudhraksh Jaiswal,Sheeba Chaddha,Swanand Kirkire,
Harsh Mayar, Atul Srivastava
Country India, USA
Publication date 2023
Orıgınal Language English
Spoken Language English
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The Tenant Movie Story

A beautiful lady, Meera, moves into an apartment complex for middle-class people and soon becomes the center of interest. With the public's disapproval and gossip due to her flamboyant lifestyle, she establishes an alliance with a teenage, Bharat. A scathing secret about her comes out of the shadows and exposes the hypocrisy of society towards women and teaches the importance of a lesson for both characters.

The Tenant OTT Release Date

The OTT release date for The Tenant is not yet confirmed by the filmmakers of this film. We are however expecting that the film will be released via some OTT platform in the month of March 2023. The producers will have the final word on The OTT release date for The Tenant. It is common for low-budget films to will take about a month to be made available via an OTT platform The same could be the case with this film also.

 The Tenant  Movie Review

A teenager who falls for a beautiful older woman is often an opportunity for a risky outing. With The Tenant, director, and screenwriter Sushrut Jain tells an uplifting and entertaining tale. It offers an insight into the lives of people in everyday life which include teenage crushes as well as innocuous disputes between people on committees in the structure as well as residents, what it takes a single woman can't locate a home in cities and also the way married women are denied sexual desire and pleasure. The book also tells of a haphazard friendship between the young boy Bharat Sharma (Rudraksh Jaiswal) and a model-cumpainter and a beautiful single woman named Meera (Shamita Shetty).

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When Meera moves into the housing complex she is the subject of gossip for women, a subject of gossip for guys, and the subject of lust for boys in their teens. Another parallel line of inquiry is how society will not forget and allow women to move on after a mistake from a different life.

Sushrut recounts these events with precision and captivating storytelling. Although you are able to predict the course of events you'll be enthralled by the subtleties, like informal sexism (a boy pulls on Aparna, Bharat's crush at school that is a form of harassment disguised as harmless insanity) or hypocrisy when society member recounts his encounter with Meera. He casually declares that he was wearing his briefs, but gets angry and snarky about her slip that is transparent. Another issue is the conflicting focus. On one hand, Meera would like to keep it out of her mind due to an event that occurred in the past while on the other hand, Mrs. Mishra and Mrs. Sharma (Bharat's mom) are competing for attention from their husbands. The film also depicts various types of friendships - one that will improve your character and help you through your difficult moments (Meera's colleagues from the business) or stand firm with you (Bharat and his pal, Pappu), or make you feel like the bully in the building Rocky (Harsh Mayar) has to his younger minions.

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The Tenant Movie Result

The film is brimming with powerful performances, led the performance of Shamita Shetty who plays Meera as a disillusioned but gentle and kind woman. She also portrays herself as who is incredibly confident and unapologetic about her persona. Rudraksh as Bharat is also a powerful performance and portrays young teens on the brink of development when personal experiences and exposure could turn them into misogynists and feminists. This is illustrated by his response towards his mom (Divya Jagdale) trying to win the 'Dinner With Daya' contest, which features Dayanand Shetty (CID). When Bharat insists on the father (Atul Srivastava) to "do something" to stop it, the situation naturally shifts into a battle to prevent his mom from leading a normal own life by paying attention to and valuing her. Swanand Kirkire as the creepy head of the society, Mishra, and Sheeba Chaddha as the wife of his character deliver well-controlled, yet impressive performances.

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 The soundtrack is another draw, featuring rare blues gems that are not often heard like James Carr's "Lovable Girl" or Lee Dorsey's "Hello Mama and a well-known track Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game.'

 The Tenant is an honest feminist perspective that isn't a raunchy dialogue show to argue for women. Its appeal is also in the warm and uplifting story of friendship.

Check out the Official Trailer of the Hindi film 'The Tenant', with Shamita Shetty, Rudhraksh Jaiswal, Swanand Kirkire, and Sheeba Chaddha. The movie 'The Tenant' was written by Sushrut Jain. For more information about The Tenant's trailer, check out the trailer.

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