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Toyota Land Cruiser History

This is the brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 250. let's cut to the chase it logs awesome it's a completely new model that comes with loads of clever off-road technology and it'll go on sale all over the world very soon including the United Kingdom Europe and the USA the very first Land Cruiser came 1951. that was 72 years ago there have been more than 10 Generations since then and Toyota has sold over 11 million Land Cruisers in more than 170 different countries some of those cars have been limited to certain regions like the new Land Cruiser 300 that was revealed back in 2021 that's a flagship model for markets like the Middle East it comes with loads of Posh features you don't get in most Toyotas but you can't buy Taiwan.

Toyota Land Cruiser First Edition

In the USA Europe or the UK, this New Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 250 models will go on sale in all those places because it replaces the smaller Land Cruiser Prado it shares some of its parts with the range-topping 300 version but the interior engines and the body are all completely different speaking of which this new Land Cruiser 250 looks nothing like the old model nor the bigger 300 version and I think that is a good thing I'm not saying the old car looked bad it's just a bit forgettable the new model.

Has a very cool retro design a bit like the Suzuki chimney and the Mercedes G-Class from the side it's a bit like a giant box on Wheels but I really like it it's supposed to be a proper off-roader, not a posh SUV the front end is even more square if you can believe that's possible it looks like someone drew a grill and some indicators on a Rubik's Cube this then continues at the back because this new Land Cruiser looks like it was designed using an etcher sketch remember those if you don't know what more old school you get giant round lamps instead of rectangular lights as you do on the standard car you can also get some Classic t-tone paint jobs to choose from there's a light blue option and this Sandy yellow if you fancy one of these you'll have to be quick Toyota is only going to make 3 000 of them per Euro if that isn't retro enough you could always buy a 70 model instead this version has been on sale since 1985 Ball but Toyota has confirmed it.

Will release an updated version in Japan that will be on sale alongside the new Land Cruiser 250. the Vintage headlights aren't the only retro thing about this new Land Cruiser it also comes with an old-fashioned ladder frame chassis this is actually a good thing for off-roaders because it makes it easier to fit long travel suspension and tougher axles than a conventional monocoque chassis this is why you still get ladder frame chassis in cars like the Mercedes G-Class the Suzuki chimney and the Jeep Wrangler and just check out how good those cars are at off-roading come on whoa oh crap Toyota calls this new ladder frame chassis the tnga dash F and it's pretty much the same as the one that the Land Cruiser 300 is built on it's also similar to what you get.

Lexus LX 600 and the new Lexus GX this means it's 50 stiffer than the old Land Cruiser chassis as a result the suspension can do a better job of keeping all four wheels on the ground when you drive over very uneven terrain although it probably won't help if you decide to jump your Land Cruiser a bit like what happened when I tested one against the new G-Class.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 Engine

To watch my Toyota and Mercedes off-road battle the new Toyota Land Cruiser 250 will come with a few engine choices but not every option will be available in every country the most basic car gets a 2.7 liter four-cylinder Notch aspirated petrol engine that produces 163 horsepower and 246-newton meters of torque which doesn't sound like much you'll only be able to buy it in a few markets including Japan and Eastern Europe there'll also be a more powerful 2.4 liter turbocharged petrol Engine with 281 horsepower.

430-newton meters of torque this will go on sale in Eastern Europe and the Middle East the entry-level diesel is a four-cylinder 2.8-liter turbocharged engine that produces 204 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque this engine is pretty much identical to the one in the Old Land Cruiser and the Hilux pickup truck this will go on sale across Europe Japan and the Middle East a mild hybrid version of this engine will arrive in Western Europe and Australia a little bit later on there'll also be.

A full-on hybrid model available for the first time although it'll only be sold in North America and China this uses a 2.4 liter petrol engine and an electric motor to produce 330 horsepower and 630 newton meters of torque combined with every version of the new Land Cruiser comes with four-wheel drive and an 8-speed automatic gearbox though the most basic petrol version gets a six-speed automatic instead Toyota hasn't confirmed any naught to 60 miles an hour stats yet for the new Land Cruiser but the 2.8 liter diesel model that's coming to Western Europe should have very similar performance to the old car now that had a decent amount of torque and plenty of pickups at low revs but it took almost 10 seconds to accelerate from naught to 60 miles an hour.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 Case

Land Cruiser driver than drag racing obviously you could get the old Landcruiser with either five or seven seats and there was a three-door commercial version with two seats and a massive load Bay there's no three-door version of the new car yet but Toyota has confirmed you'll be able to get five or seven seats in the new five-door model so how roomy is it on the inside well the new car is almost eight centimeters shorter than the old car and it's also a few centimeters lower however this shouldn't affect passenger nor luggage space that's because the wheelbase which is the distance between between the front and the rear wheels is actually six centimeters longer than before at 2.85 meters and really it is that wheelbase that determines how much space there is inside a car's cabin so this new one should be slightly more spacious than before also this new Land Cruiser should be a bit easier to drive in town because Toyota has lowered the window frames and moved the dashboard down to give you a better view out speaking of the dashboard you get.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2024 Safety and Price

A large Central touchscreen with wireless Android Auto and Apple Car play and there's also a digital driver's display instead of analog DARS like you got on the previous generation model thankfully Toyota has kept most of the physical controls for the four-wheel drive system so you should be able to control everything with thick gloves on you can also get a cool box in the center console and there's a built-in inverter so you should be able to power a range of electrical equipment using a normal household plug it goes without saying that.

The new Land Cruiser comes with four-wheel drive you also get high and low-range modes and the locking rear differential like in the old model but Toyota has also fitted plenty of upgrades to this new 250 version there's a new front anti-roll bar that you can completely disconnect using a switch on the dashboard this is really handy when you're off-roading because it lets the wheels on each side of the car move up and down more freely and this helps them find traction when you drive over deep holes or over large rocks you've been able to get this feature on a Jeep Wrangler for a while but this is the first time Toyota has fitted it to a Land Cruiser the new car also comes with a dedicated off-road electronic brain this can automatically.

Change all the engine gearbox and suspension settings while you're driving it's a little bit like the terrain response system you get in a Land Rover Defender the new Land Cruiser also comes with a surround-view camera system like the Defender to help you avoid hidden rot when you're off-roading or of course you could use it to spot tool curbs when you park it in town the new Land Cruiser comes with one very important safety upgrade it gets an electric power steering for the first time this means Toyota.

You won't have to worry about this happening to you in this new Land Cruiser the new Toyota Land Cruiser will go on sale in Europe and in the UK towards the end of the year and the first cars will start arriving in early 2024. Toyota hasn't said how much this new car will cost yet but you can bet it will set you back more than the old car so expect to pay at least 40 000 pounds for an entry-level model and top first edition cars with all the bells and whistles well those could cost more than 65 000 pounds. 

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