What can you Eat in a Mediterranean Diet?


What is the Mediterranean Diet?

Mediterranean diet everything you need to know You might have heard about the best diet in the U.S news and world reports for the fifth year in a row Studies show that the diet can lead to a longer healthier life and people who follow the diet can't help but rave about the variety of foods they get to eat a primary reason for that is how inclusive the Mediterranean diet is it does not involve any restrictions and lets you eat until you are full.

Plants Form the Foundation of this Diet

What Benefits Does It Provide You?

   1By improving body composition and reducing obesity you will not just lose weight but also protect yourself from diseases.

   2. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death from cardiovascular diseases.

   3. Offsetting typical weight gain that you might experience once you cross the age of 40. 

   4. To help control blood sugar and alleviate type 2 diabetes symptoms let's look at what you eat in a Mediterranean diet that makes it so beneficial for you.

Mediterranean Diet 7 Meal Plans

There are no restrictions on what you can eat in a Mediterranean diet as long as you follow these principles.

1.  Fill your diet with plant-based foods the Mediterranean Diet is plant-centric and each meal you eat includes plant-based foods such as vegetables fruits legumes pulses nuts whole grains and seeds.

2. Shift to plant-based oils the Mediterranean diet is known for its dependency on high-quality extra virgin olive oil but other non-inflammatory plant-based fats such as avocados work as well.

3.   Eat seafood at least twice a week the seafood options you can go for include tuna salmon sardines mussels shrimp and scallops.

4.  Portion your dairy People living in the Mediterranean love their yogurt and cheese and you can eat them while following a Mediterranean diet however you must portion your dairy which might mean that you'll have to eat less of it than you do now.

5. Reduce your sugar and refined grain intake both of these food items cause inflammation and oxidative stress possibly leading to chronic health problems along with this sugar and refined grains can also make you gain more weight than usual.

6.  Eat fewer animal-based foods while chicken and eggs are fine you need to avoid red meat as much as possible when you do eat red meat make sure to surround it with plants.

7. Consume alcohol in moderation wine is a staple in Mediterranean life but women should not have more than a 5-ounce glass per day and men should not have more than two five-ounce glasses eight make sure to get high-quality ingredients and food items mediterranean food is all about eating fresh and healthy and poor quality ingredients are definitely not advisable for your health. 

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