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What is the Albert App?

Albert App is one of the most popular instant overdraft apps it was created in 2015 and has over 5 million reviews in the App Store and Google Play it offers instant overdrafts up to $250 with no late fee there is no credit check, and no interest. Furthermore, it includes additional tools to help with planning and managing your finances. One thing I liked the most about this application Albert application is it has an option called Albert Genius when you set up an account you get a free 30-day trial for so.

It is really worth your time to check it out basically get to talk to real people about things like budgeting and finances and credit scores so I tried this feature out for myself and I go over it in another video on my channel if you want to take a look but it comes in handy if you have some questions and you really want to talk to a real person so if we're looking to get an instant overdraft Albert does not do this by checking your credit score is extremely beneficial you could.

Get qualified in minutes it's going to link securely to your bank account using Plaid and then it's going to look at your account help Health your government benefits your recurring income things like that and determine how much you qualify for if you qualify for a smaller amount at first if you continue to pay your instant overdrafts on time you'll be able to raise that limit up to the 250 maximum it'll also set up an automatic repayment each payday if you need a little bit more time to pay it back you can

Albert 30-Day Free Trial

Definitely push the date forward if you want and it won't charge you late fees for doing that as well so that's always an option okay so let's get to what we've been waiting for the breakdown of fees, therefore the first item to consider when considering the subscription includes is the cost to use features such as instant overdraft, as well as Albert the genius, cost $14.99 per month. Luckily for you, Albert offers a free 30-day trial, so you can get an instant credit and test out the genius feature without spending a dime.  the first 30 days are pretty Swanky I don't know why I chose that word but we're going to go with Swanky today the second thing is the express fee so the express fee is $4.99.

Albert Subscription Fee

It was earlier that it took around 30 minutes. If you decide to not use Express, then you won't be charged an Express fee, but you won't receive the funds as quickly so be aware that it may take up to a few days to receive the money to your account, so with Albert, they have eliminated the tipping feature, which is fantastic for us since we're not obligated to not tipping, and we don't have to worry about the third option, so the only cost for using Albert will be the annual subscription that's a flat fee of $4.99 There's Al Express, which is a fee for express use, but it's not required in the event that you're able to think ahead. And with the free trial of 30 days, you can actually make use of Albert without cost. So overall Albert is a great option to make use of for your immediate overdrafts.

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