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Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Update Review

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 has come a long way in the nearly three years since it launched and nothing exemplifies that more than the brand new Cyberpunk 2.0 update for the game released alongside the Phantom Liberty expansion City Project Red is continuing its tradition of providing free content updates by pushing this Cyberpunk 2.0 gameplay update to all players who own the game and not just Phantom Liberty owners so whether you're planning to get the new expansion or you're diving into the base game for the first time here's everything new in the cyberpunk 2077's free 2.0 update one final note before we get started the update is not being pushed to all consoles PS5 Xbox series X S and PC will see this update while PS4 and Xbox One user will not to start us off let's.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Characters

Look at the new skill tree system the overall attributes like cool or reflexes are the same and you still need to increase these with attribute points in order to unlock new perks but once we open these categories things look very different compared to how they're used to MIDI perks have been removed reworked or straight up added to this menu so it's worth going over each various tree to see how you may like to build your character in Cyberpunk 2077 2.0  perks can also be refunded for free at any time so feel free to experiment.

New perks that we've been using in Cyberpunk 2.0 

Hack Q lets you queue up multiple quick hacks at once air Dash is perfect for moving swiftly through the air Quake is for those of you who want to pulverize groups of enemies at once and Lead and Steel lets you block incoming projectiles while blocking with a blade so many of these perks come with new animations making them flashy stylish and very enjoyable to use so give them a shot unlike refunding perk points refunding attribute points has actually become a bit more rigid than in the past your level cap will be raised if you buy Phantom Liberty so while that will give you a little more room to play with you won't be able to infinitely refund your attribute points like you could in 1.0 back then all you needed was enough Eddies to pay for the refund but now you get one refund and that's it don't worry about this too much if you're starting a new character but when you get past level 30 maybe start to make a plan for the overall trajectory.

Exclusive to Phantom Liberty

Of your character's attributes before you run into respect problems foreign car combat was limited to leaning out of a car window to shoot your guns or using small arms on a bike now you can fire your weapons from within your car if you have a pistol or SMG equipped and the game will provide you with some generous Auto targeting so that you can juggle driving and firing at the same time a new car hacker perk allows you to use Quick hacks while driving to control other cars on the road you can deploy a car's emergency brake make a car suddenly accelerate and even set a car to detonate after a small charge up time these hacks are so helpful to have during a high-speed chase and you can use them while on foot to create distractions as well of course Unleash Your Inner Mad Max with new mounted Weaponry on vehicles these weapons can be mounted machine guns rocket launches or you can have both according to cdpr most of these vehicles are exclusive to Phantom Liberty but there are a couple of options for base game players to find well.

World you could buy a combat-kitted car from the auto fixer website or you can pinch one from nearby gangs or police if you want to take one for a spin all of these new car combat editions pair really well with the numerous car combat perks in the skill tree that offer you extra Vehicle Health new ways to LEAP out of your vehicle and more you can now also shoot vehicles in specific areas to take out tires and fuel tanks all of these various changes and components combined together to completely reinvent what car combat.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Game ➤System requirements

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 Super Grapevine

Thought it might interest you when you next visit a ripper dock you'll be guided through the reworked cyberware system armor is now directly tied to some of your cyberware implants meaning almost all clothes are purely cosmetic now and you can increase the Maximum Armor limit by leveling up and purchasing specific skills in your skill tree you'll also need to manage your cyberware capacity now too so while you're starting out you'll only be able to equip so many enhancements this statistic also increases with your level and specific perks in your skill tree foreign now when cyberpunk launched it had many issues including that police would appear out of nowhere and weren't much of a threat gone are those days now as the 2.0 update brings a police Behavior rework complete with patrolling officers improved Ai and an escalating heat system police AI will adapt as your heat level increases and it increases the longer that you are in combat with the police if you push them for long enough they'll deploy their Elite Max attack Squad to wipe you out so you may want to think twice now.

What do you Think of 2.0 are you?

Before picking a fight with the ncpd stamina used to drain every time you jumped and while you were sprinting as well as while engaging with melee combat but most of that is completely different now General traversal actions like jumping and sprinting now have zero effect on stamina and instead shooting weapons decreases stamina alongside melee combat dodging and dashing running out of stamina while shooting lowers your accuracy which you can see in the increased spread of the reticle this effectively turns the stamina bar into more of a combat stamina meter as this is the setting where you'll see the most use of the bar now other changes include new limits to Medicinal items and grenades instead of being able to use an entire inventory's worth of Health inhalers and explosives in a single fight now you start a fight with a maximum of two of these items each that recharge after they have been used what you equip for healing or grenades in your inventory now simply determines what kind of rechargeable item you want to use there are also new radio stations and various UI improvements throughout the gameof. 2.0 Are you going to jump back in or maybe even experience the game for the first time let us know in the comments for more on cyberpunk be sure to check out.

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