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Dave App Advance up to $500

Sure we've all heard of cash advance apps when you're running a little bit short on cash you can always use them to take out a loan One of the most popular apps more popular applications Dave Dave seems great at first glance, as you can avail an advance of up to 500 dollars and it does not require a credit check and there's no late fees but is it really As Good As It Seems.

What is Dave App

Dave is one of the more popular cash advance apps and it makes it super easy and affordable to borrow cash when you need it quickly I have my handy dandy phone here and I'm going to pull up the app so I can show you guys what it actually looks like so one of the good things that I noticed about the Dave app is that it has over 1 million positive reviews combined through Google Play and the App Store and Dave has also issued more than 50 million cash advances.

Since the year 2017. with Dave you can get an instant cash advance for up to 500 and one of the good things about this is that they do not do credit checks So it takes only just a few minutes to determine what you're eligible for. Dave quickly and securely connects with your account at the bank. then will look at the recurring income you earn from freelance work for government benefits. It'll take a look at the other Financial Health aspects to determine the benefits you're eligible for. You'll find out what you are eligible for within seconds.

Dave App Monthly Subscription Fee $1

The majority of the time the amount is smaller initially, however, it is possible to significantly increase the amount within two or three months if you continue to use Dave and we'll inquire about the cost. All you've been wanting to know is the price Dave costs, so let's take an analysis. The first cost is a subscription to Dave it is necessary to be a subscriber for it. The subscription costs $1 per month so it's not a lot you can change it at any point and if you require immediate money, you'll need to pay.

An Express fee ranges from 199 to 13.99 depending on how big the cash advance is that you're wanting and whether you get it deposited into your account or your Dave debit card the third fee for using Dave is leaving a tip so a lot of cash advance apps recommend that you leave a tip to help support the service and this is usually recommended to be about 15 of your cash advance okay so not only did we analyze the fees but we also analyzed how much it would cost you to.

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How Popular Dave is ranked 10th

Borrow 100 from Dave compared to other cash advance apps so here's what we found we found that you're going to be paying around 22.99 to borrow 100 from Dave so that ranked 10 out of the 15 most popular cash advance apps which is not that great.

It's about 5.42 cents over the average amount there are however ways to significantly reduce this amount the first one being if you opt to wait for your cash advance if you don't choose the instant option and you let it electronically transfer to your bank it won't charge you a fee and then also the tip is optional and it won't penalize you for not tipping you'll still be able to use all of the features of Dave so if you can't afford the tip then you can always just skip it another thing that I liked is that Dave will schedule an automatic repayment of your cash advance each recurring payday and if you need a little bit more time it's okay to push that out a little bit and it's not going to charge you any other

Late fees overall Dave is one of the most popular cash advance apps and if you can skip out on those two fees that we talked about then it is a reasonably priced way to get some quick cash when you need it with just a few TAPS.

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