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Netflix's New German Series

if you've seen the harrowing Brie Larson film Room Netflix's new German limited series Dear Child may seem familiar at first but then it switches gears to be something completely new so is it worth the binge a mysterious woman's escape from her harrowing captivity points to investigators towards the Dark Truth behind an unsolved disappearance 13 years earlier so this is a six-episode limited series that starts with us see woman and two young kids in sort of a closed off and sketchy looking room we quickly learned that they're being.

Captive and when the woman can escape the investigation into why she was taken and by whom gets underway now this is a very dark premise to it and while there is some very disturbing imagery and content there's also a massive hint at Redemption acceptance and moving on the investigation is tense and it's also mysterious and I was riveted the entire way through thanks to the way the information is revealed and the story beats build on one another when the woman escapes her captor a detective from another city gets word that it could involve a missing person's case that he's been working on for 13 years this also draws in the parents of the missing person intertwining all the Care characters at various points to create aggravating interactions as well as heartbreaking scenarios as the story progresses there are several possible suspects.

That we encounter now I was wrong several times but I was also able to guess correctly while the reveal of the perp is important it's ultimately not the main focus of the narrative and throughout this, the actors effectively channel the frustration and Devastation of the events we see how the parents work through information being tentatively excited at the discovery of this woman who fits a description the detective having been engulfed for over a decade on a case he hadn't been able to solve now also has to confront and interact with

The parents that he supposedly let down all these years there's also a current detective working the woman's case searching for the abductor and she's dealing with her own set of obsession not able to move past actions or mistakes and then reeling from certain decisions we get to see in small glimpses how this affects her well beyond the job which I think is important in humanizing her and her emotions because otherwise she's cold driven almost lacking emotions other than just ferocity to solve the case and then in what are the most heartbreaking sequences we watch the abducted woman and the children try to become accustomed to the outside world each performance is quietly devastating supported by silent actions that highlight a horrendous and manipulative experience and like I mentioned the Crux of the story isn't so much the abductor and the crimes 

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Character Review of the Series

All of the characters to see how and when they can move beyond their past or even their current present into a space of acceptance and eventual healing now if you're looking for a storybook ending where everything's hunky-dory and all are happy it's not really the ending we get I will say that this conclusion is very satisfying, especially after being taken on just this captivating emotional rollercoaster of the episodes the story it's masterfully told adding misdirection and small doses to keep the mystery engaging but also never losing sight of the characters

Relayed drawing us into the scene and being able to empathize with the characters there are also some emotionally explosive moments as we watch the parents navigate their thoughts and feelings it's not quite distressing but there is a palpable element to what we're shown creating relatable actions brought about by overwhelming emotions now I love the cinematography and the coloring that's utilized in the final product there's an underlying coldness to almost all of the imagery a bluish Hue just creates a foreboding tone and that's sometimes offset by Cold fluorescent lighting or then even some harsh warm sunlight now the contrast with the sun is awesome as it fights against the tone of a scene it's using the warmth to soften an interaction but never entirely removing the unease that just permeates the story and the way our characters are filmed as well as.

The Landscapes and the settings help to create immersive environments and sometimes intimate viewpoints many times the camera will focus on a subject's head and shoulders looking down on them creating this sense of exerted power over the character I mean it's making them appear weak or subservient now it's a subtle way to reinforce the idea of the control that the abductor had there are also a few beautiful top-down shots that are not overused but the unique perspective changes the dynamic of a scene to make it larger in scope and scale or even to

Showcase a brutality that we wouldn't fully see if it was shot from another angle and I think there are some few moments that seem like they're dropped quickly or become unimportant too fast like an arc dealing with the nurse but because this really is less about the reveal of the perpetrator and more about moving on or Beyond experiences this is something that didn't bother me as much I mean I think there are also some big plot conveniences that allow the abductor to create movements that aren't entirely realistic but we can infer their plausibility and for me, it just didn't harm the intensity or the dread of the storytelling some plot protection was noticeable but not detrimental to the enjoyment so overall dear child is a riveting limited series with engrossing characters and a captivating storyline.

Essence of the Subject

Acceptance and the notion of moving forward are beautifully conveyed and analyzed using distressing stories and utilizing them to emphasize psychological and emotional progress that's not always simple or even possibly pretty but necessary for survival the mystery is engaging with an urgency to the storytelling that brings about an adrenaline rush that's helped Along by Dynamic and explosive character interactions there is some plot protection at work to help the story along but it's not too overt to ruin the watching experience this is a haunting and disquieting series that's capped off with a climax worthy of the ride there's no sex or nudity a lot of profanity and violence including sexual assault and abuse I give dear child four and a half out of five couches this was a harrowing but it was awesome well that's a series that has stuck with.

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