EA Sports UFC5 Review: Fighting Game


 EA Sports UFC 5  Finds the Perfect Mix

While it is often difficult for an MMA game to be both an accurate Sports simulation as well as an entertaining fighting game EA Sports UFC 5 finds the perfect mix of both sides it definitely balances these seemingly contradictory approaches to create something much more fluid and lifelike.

Past entries while also raising the stakes of every Punch Kick and take down thanks to an impressive new injury system couple these new developments with a solid mode and each step into the Octagon this time around feels more exciting risky and rewarding UFC 5's next presentation is a significant improvement overall with well-animated pre-fight walkouts and post-fight announcements that better mirror actual UFC broadcasts Bel of the even an added bonus here is how the walkouts of specific Fighters like Islam make or Alex Pereira are based on their actual movements instead 

Of just applying the same stock animations to every single fighter their models are also uniformly excellent creating a really solid likeness of some of my favorites both mid-match and during cut scenes he looked as good as he's ever looked attacking animations are much much smoother too.

The Control System within UFC 5

Has undergone a pretty significant overhaul for better striking your opponent, especially with kicks oh huge kick to the leg is refreshingly crisp and authentic both better looking while giving you more agency over your f defense. It has also been redone as blocks are much stronger preventing flash Knockouts and easy overpowering there's a real snap to the movements now and that added sense of realism is exciting as I was able to build combos better and move much more nimbly.

Move much faster than heavier ones mirroring reality which creates more variety fight to fight the new flow-based grappling and renewed submission system also remove the annoying mini-games that played UFC 4 those mini-games often dramatically slow down the action to focus on mechanics that you quite literally never use in any other situation now there's a simplified intuitive control system which just have you move your left or right stick to change positions on the ground there's also a hybrid setting where both simplified and complex choices are presented which I really liked because it made escapes from the bottom position easier while making more complex submissions available too if I wanted to go that route additionally grappling and submission power will be rebalanced so you won't find yourself getting pinned to the ground for the majority of rounds or finished quickly by wrestler and Jiu-Jitsu style Fighters.

Which was always a previous point of frustration all those tweaks are bolstered further by a significant Improvement in the fight IQ of the CPU opponents you will face throughout most modes even at the normal difficulty I had to attack and defend more thoughtfully because AI Fighters had a much better sense of timing and counters.

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UFC 5 is the First Game to Carry ESRB

UFC 5 is the first game in the series to carry an M for Mature ESRB rating. It's not hard to see why the damage dealt by hits is much more realistic than UFC 4 with more sophisticated health events that have a deeper impact on Fighters for example if you take a lot of shots to the face it could break your nose and create Cuts above your eyes icons in the shapes of eyes and lungs will then appear under your health bar as a result indicating both a loss of vision and a difficulty breathing.

For your Fighter the damage can leave you with diminished capabilities forcing you into making tough but rewarding decisions do you weather the storm and heal up between rounds or go For Broke and try to finish your opponent before it's too late the animation on fighter faces for damage are incredibly well rendered and unique to each fight uring minute by minute and round by round this means that a cut you open up on an opponent in round one can be exploited throughout the rest of the match until there's a finish or a potential doctor stoppage.

UFC 5 New Damage System

Cool new feature where just like in real life a doctor will step in assess the damage and discern if a fighter is fit to continue don't let him keep fighting in addition to depicting damage very vividly blood and sweat from strikes will drop and gather on the mat itself so you can see the result of your work and a Jackson Poock like design as the Fight Continues the new damage system is further complemented by UFC 5's knockout finishes which show a highly cinematic slow motion Replay that feels like you're watching.

 A finishing move in a more arcade-style fighting game rather than a simple Replay in a sports game the revised damage system in slow-motion KO replays completely augmented my Approaching a KO's winning has never been more rewarding and I was constantly chasing them regardless of the risk that they could take, which is because there are new, impressive fall animations for good fighters from the standing position where they'll drop

Face first into the mat which has depth and weight to it that looks like an actual person dropping to the ground that said though there is still some pretty stilted animation when a fighter is KO and Falls onto their back I was also happy to see that there

We're new and improved animations for taking a fighter with ground and pound strikes where they'll roll on their side and curl into a fetal position known as turtling which is a really nice touch USC F's career mode is given a fresh coat of paint with an

UFC 5 Improved Home Page

Improved homepage as well as some lifestyle fixes this includes the ability to simulate training that you've already completed too get to your fight quicker instead of grinding for 40 minutes on repetitious drills before every match even so the grind itself is a lot more enjoyable because coach Davis reprising his role from UFC 4 barks out four different challenges for every 3-minute sparring session versus focusing on just one specific challenge this creates a lot more variety and dimension to your training pushing you to beat each challenge within the period to

Open up the next these challenges mix both straightforward directives like Landing any strikes until you reach 10 with others that are a bit more difficult such as evading strikes by moving your head awesome job let's move on as a seasoned UFC player I found myself timing out or straight up failing the evasion challenges here and there they were difficult enough to frustrate me but not so bad that they drove me away from playing entirely don't overextend yourself the new damage system also has interesting reverberations as you train in career mode getting cut during.