Lenovo Legion GO Review: Features and Release Date


Legion GO Release Date   

We're going to be taking a first look at the all-new Lenovo Legion Go this is a brand-new handheld coming to the market. The release date is set for October 31st but I was able to you mainly because of the price size and features.

The Legion Go has built-in we've got some cool stuff here that we haven't seen in other handhelds and it packs in a very capable CPU or APU because we've got the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme and along with that we've got a big beautiful 8.8 in display this is Lenovo's pure sight display 144 hertz with a resolution of 2560 x600 overall First Impressions really like the look of it and it's very very comfortable to hang on to I was a little worried about a larger quick I wanted to give you a look at everything that comes in the box so obviously we've got the legion to go handheld itself a 65 wat fast charger USB type-c.

Legion GO FSP Mode And Controller

With the right-hand detachable controller for FPS mode, it's going to turn that right-hand controller into a mouse and make it easy to play your favorite FPS games the go also comes with a built-in kickstand which comes in real Handy.

To the built-in controls over here on the left-hand side we've got our analog stick d-pad start select and our dedicated Legion button we'll take a look at what that does in just a second but the analog sticks here are Hall and you can see they do have some RGB around them over on the right-hand side by we've got our other analog stick and a built-in trackpad up top we've got our shoulder buttons and our linear triggers power button 

Our volume buttons now when it comes to I/O as you can see we've got a 3.5mm audio jack micro SD card reader and this is good up to a 2 terabyte card and one USB 4 Port over here it is 40 gig protocol so you can easily connect an egpu and move around to the bottom we've got another full function USB 4 Port now when it comes to the specs of the Legion go as I mentioned for that Apu we've got the AMD Ryzen Z1 extreme.

Legion GO Features 

The course is based on Zen 4 we've got eight cores 16 threads a base clock of 3.3 GHz and a boost up to 5.1 built- 10 Radeon RDNA3 GPU with 12 cus 16 GB of LPDDR5X running at 7500 MHz transfers per second right now They are offering two different storage variants of the go you can pick this up with either a 512 GB m.2 or a 1 terabyte but both of them are using a PCIe 4.0 nvme m.2 SSD micro C card slot that supports up to a 2 TB card a 144 her 8.8 in 16 by10 Lenovo Light QHD plus display it's got a resolution of 2560 x600 97% DCI 3 up to 500 nits of brightness Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 Bluetooth 5.2 a 49.2 w battery and this is running Windows 11 home right.

We've got these little lock mechanisms around the back just put a little pressure on them we're going to pull automatically to reconnect to the Legion Go and we can use them wirelessly just like this if we want to but taking a look at the right-and controller we've got a scroll wheel right here we've got a few extra buttons M1 M2 and on the bottom, you'll see we've got a little Optical sensor with a switch we're going to put this in fps mode we'll grab the FPS dock by the way this magnetically attaches to the controller and now we can use the right-and joystick or the right and controller as a mouse.

For kind of full customization of the handheld plus we've got a game launcher we can start our games directly from here or you know if you just want to use the desktop interface for Windows you can always do that now obviously we've got a gaming handheld here and I want to get into that the first thing I wanted to show off was FPS mode okay so we saw how these detach from the console we've got that magnetic FPS adapter just goes right there on the desk initially seeing this online.

I thought it was a cool idea I didn't know how much I'd use it until I used it took me a couple of minutes to get used to it but I've tested it out with a few games Borderlands 3 Cyberpunk 2077 and here we have Doom eternal this works way better than I thought it would and it's really fun to use now I could see myself connecting this to a larger display but of course, we've got a big 8.8 in the display.

Legion GO Game Performance

Racing games with full control over the gas and Brak really love this for drifting and especially launch control in games like Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsports after the 31st of October I can release benchmarks and everything like that but yeah I mean performance is really good here with this Ryzen Z1 Extreme we've seen this chip before we know what kind of performance it can put out but we do have much faster Ram here coming in at 7500 MHz transfers per second and I've noticed a pretty nice little jump in performance having

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