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Playstation 5 Slim Price and Features

The PlayStation 5 Slim is the first to go on sale these bundles with Modern Warfare 3 you can also get the PS5 Slim bundle with Spider-Man 2 these bundles are on sale for $500 so you're essentially getting the game for free when I went to pick up mine I realized how much smaller and lighter the new box is it's also easier to carry around so much so that there's no carrying handle on the top here it's still packaged like a typical PlayStation outer sleeve has all the.

PS5 Slim Features: Modern Warfare 3 Full 

Artwork Modern Warfare 3 full game download code plus the lock pick operator pack is included It's All Digital of course and not the physical disc copy Modern Warfare 3 artwork is all around this box the new slim console does have a larger 1 TB storage versus the 825 GB of the old console still says 8K and 4K 120 on the box even though we know there's really no game that can do that even after 3 years of PS5 everything that's included in the box so let's open it up remove the outer sleeve to get to that inner box there is no handle on this so it's hard to kind of lift out the easiest is just to flip it upside down here's the inner white box it's a smaller and lighter version of the older one tab here to open and it's packaged a bit differently than the previous console there's no longer that separate accessories box everything is on top here we got the power cable here are the two ft for that horizontal stand the Dual sense controller for PS5 finished in standard white high-speed HDMI 2.1 cable.

It is a full game download for Modern Warfare 3 scratch the back to reveal the digital code it is valid for 10 years so until 2033 let's unwrap the console and here is the PS5 Slim this thing does at first glance look quite a bit smaller and thin I know in pictures it might look somewhat similar but it does feel like it's a lot slimmer putting it side by side with the older console it looks like a mini version of that now in terms of looks some might say that the older one actually looks better.

Product I Used in the Game:

PS5 Slim Box Opening

I guess that's more of a preference this new one does have this top section which is glossy and then the bottom is you know sort of the matte finish we also now have two USBC ports on the front the power buttons in the same location and then, of course, it does have a removable disc drive all the outputs on the back are sort of the same so here's everything that's included in the Box the console the controller manuals all the accessories and of course Modern Warfare 3 I spent about 20 to 30 minutes to set.

This one negative here about the Slim is that there is no vertical stand that's included you do have to buy that separately I couldn't even find a listing for it at my local retailers yet so most will be kind of rocking the Slim horizontally and yeah you do need to register that attached disc drive with the online connection it just seems to be the onetime thing though so once it's registered to the console you're good to play offline you do also get Astros playroom included with the slim as well and you can go ahead and redeem that game code for Modern Warfare 3 so that's basically what you need to know about this PS5 slim console bundle let me know in the comments what you think will you be picking up the PS5 slim and that.

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