Oppenheimer Digital Release Date, 4K Blu-Ray


Oppenheimer Digital is Released

The wait is finally over Christopher Nolan's sprawling Atomic epic Oppenheimer is getting a digital and Blu-ray release on November 21st one-half of the barbin' Heimer phenomena the two-head Juggernaut that became required viewing this past summer made bank at the box office taking home $1 billion which is pretty impressive when you consider it was a bit of a downer that put zero actors in spandex or motion capture suits don't get us wrong we like that Nolan uses practical effects but who doesn't want to see a pajama-clad Benedict Cumberbatch doing his best impression of an atom bomb exploding speaking of behind the scenes goodies

Oppenheimer Digital Special Features

The 4K Blu-ray comes packed with over 3 hours of special features and behind-the-scenes action so you can recreate the IMAX experience at home finally an excuse to erect a 98t tall screen in your living room Stakes really couldn't be any higher the special features include a 70-minute featurette titled the story of our time the making of Oppenheimer it offers a behind the curtain look at the making of the film including extensive interviews with Nolan and his many many collaborator's other features include an NBC News companion documentary and a panel discussion giving audiences a look at the Historical J Robert Oppenheimer the development of the atomic bomb and subsequent Fallout the panel discussion moderated by NBC's Chuck Todd features experts in the field of physics including

Companion Blu-ray to Barbie 

Dr Kip Thorne Dr Carlo Relli and Dr Tom Mason it also features author Kai Bird who co-wrote the book the film was based on American Prometheus the Triumph and Tragedy of Jay Robert Oppenheimer this sounds like a great companion Blu-ray to Barbie which got its home release earlier this fall honestly the two movies should have been released as a double feature Deluxe box set.

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