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Project Mugen Review

Project Mugen is the most talked about game of recent times. It's been a surprise to many that it has appeared so suddenly but with a full game. off it was rumored to be an MMO with the studio developing it with MMO functionality in mind but ultimately they believed that it would be better received and no doubt more profitable financially if they were to adopt a gotcha business model featuring a large seamless open world anime aesthetic and fast fluid action combat you could go as far as to compare this to gentian impact or weathering waves people have even been leaving comments claiming that this is what tower fantasy wished it was.

Project Mugen  Gameplay

Is it going to be free to play do we have a release date pre-registration ideas on public betas that is what we're here Project Mugen is a highly stylized urban fantasy open world anime RPG it was announced two weeks ago and I'd covered it at the time but all we had were four small gifts to gauge the kind of game it was then last week a full trailer was dropped at Gamescom 2023 showcasing one of numerous cities yes numerous the devs confirmed there would be more than a single City to explore maybe not a launch but one would assume additional cities will be introduced to the game in major patches like genjen does and did within Azuma sumuru and Fontaine regions project Mugen is developed by naked rain a subsidiary of Thunder fire Studio who's also a subsidiary of Netties rarely if ever have gotcha games required a paid purchase to play I think the reason for gotcha monetization stems from being free to play Mugen is no different and have confirmed that they're going to be completely free to play.

Project Mugen Platforms

When they launch it was announced that Project Mugen would be fully cross-platform compatible between all major gaming platforms and by that I mean PC PS4 PS5 and mobile I know I know but what about Xbox let's be real here gotcha games even RPGs have been predominantly placed each exclusive for a long time now Xbox does get some love here and there but it isn't very common which is honestly a shame because additional platforms equates to additional players which also results in increased Revenue but maybe the cost isn't worth the investment action complete action combat based off of what we've seen from trailers there are going to be a number of different characters you can pull for through gacha and every single character will feature their own distinct combat system baseball bats giant hammers yo-yo scythes massive swords it's your typical fantasy weapon types honestly from what I saw I believe the combat is going to be one of the areas that this game truly excels the world might get old the story might not be too deep or complex but combat from what has been shown thus far is something I genuinely believe will be the focus of the game this is what wuthering waves is marketing itself as as well genjin but with punishing gray Raven's combat base stuff of the information they've given us this game is going to be seamlessly accessible without loading screens at least initially to access additional land masses over time there might very well be a loading screen implemented and that would make sense you can only fit so much into the world without forcing a load but at launch everything will be accessible without the need for additional screens I know this is something that. 

Project Mugen Characters

I saw some people found issues with this claiming that they refuse to play a game where they can't be a female and while I can't confirm or deny whether both male and female characters will be available and accessible I would have to question why they not for that if they do impose those very severe limitations onto their game I I I mean this is a gotcha game if there are more powerful characters SSR heroes or six-star Heroes and you can obtain them Via Real currency gotcha poles then they'll be paying to win although the severity of pay to win is entirely dependent on whether there will be cooperative play if you can engage in PVP like in power fantasy then yeah pay to win will be horrendous if there is only Co-op PVE then you can likely get carried by whales and it won't be.

Project Mugen Details 

Korean games Japanese games are not typically centered games that originated within China however that's another story altogether China has excessive amounts of censorship across all of their games astonishing absolutely disgusting and ruins potentially good games whether this will be the same remains to be seen I believe they noted that this is being developed in Shanghai I don't know what their laws are there in terms of censorship too many games these days coming out of China are overrun with censorship though we can only hope that that is not the case with Mugen  we don't have any confirmation of cooperative play at present again as noted earlier they were originally building this with the intention of being an MMO probably similar to Dragon Raja but that no longer seems to be the case what is more likely is they've seen how successful genshin is how anticipated weathering waves is and have made necessary alterations to appeal to the same demographic of players that makes sense Unfortunately they have not elaborated on gear currently whether you'll Farm gear in the way you farm artifacts in genshin or if there will be a gear system present in any capacity please God if any devs are watching this please do not give us another artifact system nobody likes grinding RNG artifacts currently the studio planned on releasing Mugen globally I couldn't find any information online about any type of region locking so players all over the world should be able to access the game without restriction which is great news for all of us at present the devs haven't confirmed any dates for beta tests either closed open or even Alphas.

Project Mugen Release Date

They have already opened pre-registrations allowing players to pre-register for the launch this isn't for a test space this is a full pre-registration of the Court game the finalized version of the game this could mean theoretically that they could launch in three months or 30. typically Studios open pre-registration when they're nearing the completion of the game this allows players to amass in large quantities and boost hype for the game resulting in more downloads on the respective Play Stores which further boosts their position inside the store yes the release date is definitely vague but I honestly wouldn't anticipate a 2025 release I'd wager I guess we're looking at some point in 2024 heck Project Mugen might release before weathering waves does and that Projects Mugen a gorgeous anime-inspired action RPG from a studio that has no history in the gaming space For Better or For Worse this could be an insanely good game or end up disappointing.

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