Verizon 5G Home Internet Service Review


What is Verizon 5g Home Internet?

Verizon 5G home Internet is internet service for your entire home and it's powered by Verizon's 5G Network my first-speed test looks promising walk you through the pros and the cons everything you need to know before you sign up and the first thing you got to know about this internet service it is not available everywhere the Verizon's 5G wireless network covers I'll drop a link below so you can check the availability you'll just enter your address and then you can see if you get Verizon's 5G home internet if not you may have some other options LTE home internet or FiOS and one thing you should know this internet service it's not just for Verizon Mobile customers I don't have a.

5G Home Plus Plan

Phone line with Verizon and I was able to sign up for the internet service there are discounts if you bundle phone and internet we'll talk about those next number two plans and pricing Verizon 5G home internet has two plans to choose from they're called 5G home and 5G home plus I chose the cheaper plan and that's what I recommend for most people both plants have no contracts data caps hidden fees and equipment is included too from what I can tell the biggest difference is that the 5G home plus plan includes unlimited.

Cloud storage with Verizon and you just don't get that with the cheaper plan that leads me to the pricing of the 5G home plan it's 50 a month with auto pay and sixty dollars without autopay at the time of this recording but if you've got a qualifying mobile line with Verizon look at the savings the price drops all the way to 25 a month now I get my mobile phone service through visible which is owned by Verizon but operates independently and even visible is offering a discount on Verizon home internet that.

Verizon Discounts and Advantages

Discount is five bucks or 10 bucks a month it just depends on your plan now stick with me I've got just a few other quick notes about pricing first Verizon Home Internet has some form of a price lock with both plans normally two or three years but at recording time it is a 10-year price guarantee second Verizon is going to ask to run your credit before you sign up this is a soft inquiry though so it's not going to affect your credit scores and this is because Verizon home internet is a post-paid service it's not prepaid third you should know about a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you try out the internet service and it doesn't work out just cancel and you'll get a refund you just gotta remember to return your equipment to 

Internet Setup

You'll plug one end of the power adapter into the bottom of the Gateway the other end into a power outlet and from there the light on the front of the Gateway should blink for about five minutes or so and if this light settles on solid white you're done the Gateway setup is complete if the light turns solid red you're going to want to move the gateway to a different spot and start all over and after you set up your gateway, of course, you're just going to need to connect all your devices to the new network there's a Wi-Fi name and password printed right on the bottom of the Gateway but you can also change the Wi-Fi name and password from the network settings in my Verizon app that's.

Internet Speed

Verizon's app also has troubleshooting guides if you do end up needing some extra help with data speeds Verizon 5G home internet advertises download speeds between 85 and 300 megabits per second and upload speeds of up to 10 megabits per second immediately after I set up my my service 

140 megabits per second in every single test based on my experience Verizon service is off to a really good start. Excited about Verizon 5G home internet and other fixed Wireless.

Checking Availability

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