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How to Calculate Age

This calculator will calculate your age using the date of birth you enter in the field. You can also join the date you want to know about your age in the "Current or Age as at" area.

This calculator can also determine an object's age, such as a historic monument or vintage/collectible item. Enter the date that the monument construction was completed or the date the collectible item was purchased in the "Date of birth" field

Calculator that displays age in years, months, and days. The 'Singular expression' section shows the calculation in months, weeks days, hours minutes, and seconds.

What is an Age Calculator?

A digital age calculator can be used to determine the age of someone, something, or a place based on information entered into the calculator.

How do I use this age calculator?

The calculator defaults to showing the current date for both the Date of birth' and Current age or Age as at' fields.

Fill in the date of birth field and the age as of field. Fill in the "Date of birth" field with the relevant information to find out how old you will be or were at a particular point in time. Enter the date required in the "Current age or Age as at" field. You can use this process to find out the age of an object or place as of a specific date.

What is the output of this calculator?

Two sections are included on the output page:

  • The main output section displays age in years, months, and days, or as applicable.
  • The 'Singular expression' section separates the entire duration/age into months and weeks or days and hours just days or even only seconds.

How does the age calculator work?

India is a mixture of cultures, where different types of calendars are used. The Hijri Calendar, Vikram Samvat, and Saka Samvat are all prominent among them. In India and other countries, the Gregorian Calendar is used for official purposes.

Calculations are also performed using the Gregorian Calendar. This calendar divides a year into 365 days, with the exception of leap years, which have 366. The number of days that make up a calendar is divided into 12 months with varying lengths. Every month has either 30 or 31 calendar days. Except for February, which has 28 in normal and 29 in leap years.

This calculator uses the most common age system. This calculator starts at zero, and the person will turn one year old after 12 months. In the same way, any age calculation will increase by an additional year once 12 months have passed since the date of birth/start.

What role does the time zone have in the age calculation process?

This calculator will display the age required based on the user's current time zone.

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